The community of Manto Sipi Cree Nation was originally part of the God’s Lake First Nation. It was in the mid 1940’s that people moved from the God’s Lake Narrows to form the community of Manto Sipi Cree Nation. Sources have indicated that separation of the communities was related to religious differences, while others contend it was for economic reasons. Ministerial Order formed the God’s River First Nation on May 7, 1976. The God’s Lake First Nation is signatory to the adhesion of Treaty 5, which was signed in 1909.

The Manto Sipi Cree Nation is located 585 air kilometers northeast of Winnipeg. The community is located at the mouth of the God’s River along the north shoreline of God’s Lake.


The Manto Sipi Cree Nation office is in the central area of the community. The administration office is shared with the Awasis Agency Department. Council consists of one Chief and four Councillors, elected according to Band custom. Political affiliations are with the Keewatin Tribal Council (KTC), Manitoba Keewatinohk Okimahkanak (MKO), Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) and Indian and Northern Affairs (INAC).

The Manto Sipi Cree Nation administers the following programs: social assistance, housing, capital projects, operations and maintenance, water and sewage services, sanitation services, television and radio broadcasting, the community outreach program, justice, policing, recreation, aboriginal healing foundation, economic development, NADAP and youth services.


Both traditional religious practices and Christianity are observed in the community. There are two churches in the community: the Roman Catholic Church and the Full Gospel/Pentecostal Church.

Health Services:

God’s River is equipped with a nursing station that is operated by Health & Welfare Canada under the Medical Services Branch. The nursing station employs two nurses, an administrative clerk, a janitor, a cook, and a maintenance person. The nursing station provides acute care with regular clinics; public health programs and twenty-four hour emergency care. Two Community Health Representatives are on hand to provide prevention and promotional education to the public. The table that follows includes the part-time care provided to the people from other health professional at various times. All other health professionals needed are referred to Winnipeg, Thompson, or Selkirk, MB.

Health Professionals & Availability

Doctor – Twice a week

Dentist – Twice a month

Optometrist – Once a year

Pediatrician – Quarterly

Psychologist – Twice a month


All the houses are band owned. The majority of the houses are structured and designed the same way. There are newer houses that are two-storied of which are from (CMHC). The newer houses have upper main floors and basements. Also, they have running water that is hook up to water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants. Other houses have 120- gallon plastic containers and use outhouses for waste. These houses are heated by wood burning stoves or fuel stoves.

Awasis Agency of Northern Manitoba:

An Awasis Agency Office in the community falls under the Child & Family Act and provides child protection services, resources for family conciliation, and child development initiatives. The Federal Government in conjunction with MKO and the Band oversees the program. The Agency employs several full-time staff and a few Child Development workers.


God’s River Board of Education oversees the school that offers kindergarten to grade nine. Students who wish to continue their education have to go outside the community to do so. The school employs some teachers that are from the First Nation and other teachers from elsewhere. Also, the school employs office personnel, maintenance services, and guidance councilors.

Daycare Center:

There is a daycare center in the community for those who require the facility. The daycare provides care for infant and pre-school children.



As part of the North Central Project, God’s River was linked up to the provincial power system in the fall of 1997. The electrification project that supplies 200-amp service has replaced the 15-amp previously supplied by a diesel generator.

Fire fighting

The community has a fire chief that is on call twenty-four hours a day with the help of volunteer fire fighters from the community. Natural Resources provide forest fire watch and fire fighting if needed.


Policing is done locally from and RCMP detachment located in the community. The Band also employs constables from the community.


The Band owns and operates a van that transports people to and from the nursing station on a 24-hours basis, if needed. Various people provide taxi services in the community. There is a ferry that services the community by taking vehicles across the river. Semi-trucks from Winnipeg, and Thompson drive in on the winter road to bring in freight and fuel. The winter road season opens from February until March. Air transportation is available at the local airstrip that is maintained by Highways and Transportation. Several airlines fly in from Winnipeg, and Thompson daily and each of the companies provide at least one flight a day. Chartering flights is also an option for the people. Also, these companies provide emergency medi-vac services when needed. Docking facilities are available for floatplanes throughout the community’s shoreline.


Postal Services are provided by the local post office, operated by Canada Post. Mail is delivered in and out of the community five times a week, weather permitting.

Telephone services are maintained by MTS. MTS provides local and long distance calling, facsimile lines and Internet services. In the God’s Lake and Island Lake region, calls are local. Internet services use long distance lines.

The community owned television and radio station provides public announcements


The Northern Store is the largest business in God’s River. The store employs several employees that work full-time and some part-time, which include managers from out of town. The store sells groceries, retail goods, hardware, furniture, visual equipment, recreational items, and gas. Northern Store is owned and operated by the North West Co.

Other businesses in the community include: Okemow’s Restaurant, God’s River Lodge and Percy Okemow’s convenience store.

Treaty: Adhesion to Treaty No. 5

Registered Population: 620

Band No. 302

Approx.area: 381 Acres

Hockey, Baseball, Water Skiing, Treaty Days and Playing Bingo

Water Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Airport, Nursing Station, Fire Hall, Band Store

Michael Yellowback

Band Office:
(204) 366-2011 Fax (204) 366-2282

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